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Goddess oils are specially formulated to help you create a deeper connection to an individual deity that may call to you. Use these oils when you need the support of a specific Goddess as part of your magical ritual, special prayers or spell casting. Our oils celebrate the unique attributes of several Goddesses - by fusing essential and fragrant oils associatated to each diety.

Choose from:
Artemis - Use to attain goals, and for luck in sports, especially female athletes.
Astarte - For work of fertility, love, or war of passion.
Athena - Use to civilize a situation and to achieve goals.
Danu - Use to wash away discord and bring back balance into your life.
Demeter - Use to attract money and for the successful completions of your protections and dreams. Wear when planting to ensure a fruitful yield. Help you to tune into the energies of the Earth.
Diana - Used in accomplishment of goals. This is a good all-purpose lunar ritual oil and also good for anyone working with animals.
Elega- attract Love, Money, Power and Break Adverse Conditions.
Hecate - Used in defensive magic and for ritual during the waning moon. Invoke her powers for counsel and wise wisdom. When there is a problem that is too difficult for you to handle, ask her guidance and protection from harm.
Ishtar - Use to work with qualities of love and war combined.
Isis - Helps increase determination, will power, and the ability to concentrate.
Kali Ma - Known as the Slayer of demons, Petition her in times of danger, when all other attempts at protection have brought no results.
Lilith - Use to kick your enemy's butt.
Morrigan - She can aid you in battle, overcoming enemies, prophetic efforts, Waning Moon and banishing magic.
Oshun - Her sacred number is 5. Use in works involving Love, Marriage, Beauty, and pleasure.
Rhiannon - Use for workings with magical arts, birds, and the underworld.
Star of the Sea - Use to attain love, wishes, and anything involving the sea.
Strega Aradia - This ancient oil is from an authentic Italian Recipe and is used in witchcraft. It represents matriarchal power and strength.

Goddess Oils

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