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An Enchanted Candle is a powerful tool. It will help you to manifest whatever it is that you require most in life, be it love; money; luck; protection; health. We will consult with you and put together something truly unique and beautiful, a true piece of art. Our candles are created with the intent you request and the magic we supply. We will send you full on instructions and all you will need to do is carefully follow same. Try it, you will be amazed at what an Enchanted candle will accomplish for you!

After consulting with you as to the request of your desire, we will choose the proper candle color, sigil, oils, herbs, charge the candle, prepare the incantation, and supply you with full directions and supplies.
What is it that you require of this light?

7 Day Personalized Magickal Pull Out Candle (Novina Candle)

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