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Enchanted’s Company Philosophy: Our intent at Enchanted is to enhance the magic and the spirituality in the lives of others. We seek to promote our customer's sense of well-being and to provide ways of nurturing the individual's body, mind, and spirit.

Although we are starting out as a very small operation, our mission is to become the foremost quality supplier of authentic spiritual and magical goods that are hand made, one at a time. We seek to grow as a provider of these goods and services, while at the same time carrying on the mystical, traditional ritual practices that truly put the magic in magical supplies. Enchanted aspires to offer support, information, and inspiration to our customers in regard to all things magical and spiritual with the products we provide. We pledge to teach others, but we are also committed to being life-long students, continuing to change and grow.

As Enchanted, we value integrity being at the heart of our interactions with others. We are committed to caring for our clients, and maintaining positive relationships with our suppliers and the community.

Best wishes from the Enchanted Witches,

Aradia Skye

Divination and Spiritual Counseling

Psychic Readings

by Sandra,

the original Strega Nonna

Bad Luck

Do you feel like you have bad luck?  You walk through life with a dark cloud around you?  Nothing seems to be going right for you?

Evil Eye

You could possibly have "Occhio Diabolico" also known as "Mal-Occhio" or "The Evil Eye"  If you do, Let me check for it and if you have it, I will remove it from you.  The gift I possess was handed down to me from my Grandmother, a midwife/witch from La-Spezia, Italy.

$20.00 to check for Evil Eye
$45.00 to remove Evil Eye
(Amazing right?  Because I am the real deal, plain and simple-no one should ever tell you that you are cursed or charge you astronomical amounts of money to help you)


My tarot readings are not typical psychic readings, filling you full of what you need or hope to hear, and are not fortunetelling.  My psychic tarot sessions are designed to increase self-awareness and self-confidence, and are available to those who wish to take conscious control over the direction of their lives.

What to Expect from my Psychic Tarot Readings:

  • I will analyze your Present Situation, Mindset & Goals.
  • I will determine What/Who is affecting you for good or bad.
  • I will review the Recent Past & Causal Foundation of current events.
  • I will see what the immediate future holds
  • I will identify the role you are playing in causing the situation.
  • I will tap into the mindset of those around you, and discuss how their energy is affecting you and the situation (what they are learning).
  • I will look at your hopes and fears.
  • I will get a glimpse of what the future holds based on your current thoughts and actions, and how it can change if you change.
  • I will discuss how you can change the future if you don't like where you're headed.

$65.00 for a 30/45  minute reading
$100.00 for a 60 minute reading
Phone Readings are available but need to be scheduled in advance.

**Sandra is available by appointment only (732) 714-6521** 


Angela is a gifted psychic who comes from a long line of Italian witches.

Owner and operator of Cauldron & the Cupboard, Angela is a psychic in a field all her own.  Full time business owner, mother of three, cheerleading coach, and school drama club volunteer, her love for her children and the children of her community shine through in everything she does.  Angela's kind and gentle approach to life and her positive outlook makes her an all around great person to connect to.  This is why so many people feel such a strong karmic connection to her.  She loves to help people and she truly takes her god given gift as something to be shared with everyone she connects with.  Her energy alone will make you feel like a new person!

$35 for a 15 minute reading

$60  for a 30/45 minute reading

In addition to tarot readings, Angela can create a light for you to set and will read the outcome once your candle is complete.  The personalized candles are created specifically for the situation presented to her by the client.  You will be amazed at the information

Personalized Candles


Candle Readings $20.00

call for consultation and for further information. (732) 714-6521 or email me at

[email protected]

Rune Mother Shekina

Shekina our Rune Mother has been a mystic for 40 + years.  She’s a story-teller/sooth-sayer, psychic tarot and rune reader, artist, and creator of spirit dolls for the soul. She’s well versed in occult knowledge, Jungian psychology, philosophy and mythology. For the past five years she has been heavily engrossed in Norse Germanic studies and the magical use and practices of the Runes to include the craft of Seidr and Wyrd.

Currently she’s doing rune readings at our store the Cauldron and the Cupboard in Point Pleasant, NJ and in the near future will be introducing the mystery and magic of the runes to the public.

She received her spiritual name of Shekina-Key-Door (SKD) from a dream she had that told her that she has the key to Women’s Mystery.


She inherited her mystical side from her grandparents who raised her from 2-10 yrs old and were Shaman shape-shifters, healers and seers. She was born and raised in New York City, and is of Puerto Rican descent. Her father was a well-known artist in Meriden, Connecticut and her mother was a highly skilled seamstress for Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord and Taylor in NYC.  She has three daughters and five grandchildren from her first marriage and currently lives in Pt. Pleasant, NJ with her second husband.

$35 for a 15 minute reading

$60  for a 30/45 minute reading

Natal Astrology By Debbie

Natal charts include 3 8.5x11 photo print of your planetary chart & a full 1 hour in depth reading that is a complete analysis of your personality, essence, expressions, life path, challenges and much more.  Each chapter starts with a short introduction telling you where this particular house is found and how it affects you.  This is followed by the zodiac symbol itself.  This information is good for your life time.  Your date of birth, place of birth, time of birth and your full birth name  are required for this report.


Relationship Compatibility Astrology Charts

Ever wonder what makes you enjoy one persons company more than another?  The Relationship Astrology report will focus on the compatibility between two partners.  The Relationship Astrology reports are the complete analysis of your and your partners personal astrological charts: personality, essence, expressions, life path, challenges and much more.  Each chapter starts with a short introduction telling you where this particular house is found and how it affects you, Same will be told for your partner, and then the effect of the signs conjoined regarding the effect on your relationship .  This information is good for your life time.  Your and your partner's date of birth, place of birth, time of birth and your full birth name  are required for this report.


Note: While often people come to a divination session with questions regarding themselves or a situation they are in, it is possible to do divination about another individual, pet, or even a place or object and their situation, circumstances, and the energetic events surrounding them. In such cases it is often very helpful to bring some object connected with the person or thing about which you are requesting divination, something that is energetically connected with them or has been touched often by them to assist in focusing the reading.


Crystal Healing Sessions